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Why a Quick Irvine Car Accident Settlement May Not Be in Your Best Interests

Car accidents happen. Unfortunately. When a car wreck happens to you, you may just want to get all the hassle over with as soon as possible, and reach a quick settlement. But wait! This may not be the best course of action in handling your Irvine car accident settlement.

At first, you are dealing with the immediate situation of the accident. One of the first things is to determine injuries to all of those involved. How much medical care is needed? It is a good thing that no one was really seriously injured, but the car was totaled. This isn’t just about your totaled car however; did you suffer a loss of personal property, how about pain and suffering, and do you know about future medical needs? An Irvine car accident can be often be relatively minor, but you may end up with ongoing medical issues which can cost thousands of dollars in long term treatment. You may not be aware of some of the lasting medical conditions you may develop as a result of the Irvine car wreck.

In dealing with the insurance companies involved, it is best to have an Irvine car accident attorney to represent your best interests. The job of a car accident lawyer is to get you the car accident settlement you deserve. The insurance company is on the opposite side: they want to pay out the least amount possible. If you are not competently represented you might be left with lost wages from not being able to work, and lots of expensive unpaid medical bills.

What can you expect from your Irvine personal accident attorney? He or she
will fight for you against the insurance company. Don’t forget that the big insurance company doesn’t have your best interests in mind at all. They want a quick deal. Small fast settlements are to their benefit. While the whole process of an Irvine car accident settlement may be very confusing, if you have the right Irvine personal accident attorney fighting for you, it will be less so.