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Bike VS Car: Are You on the Losing End?

Irvine loves it’s bicycles. Bikes are one of the most popular modes of transportation in all of Orange County. Cars far outweigh the bike population, however; and when car meets bike, it’s often a disaster for the bike rider. As an Irvine bicyclist, you need to be informed about bicycle accident claims and how best to proceed in contacting an Irvine Personal injury attorney.

Accidents between cars and cyclists can cause serious injuries and sadly, often result in a fatality of the one riding the bike. One of the most common injuries suffered in an accident of this type is brain injury. If you or a loved one have been injured while on a bike, you need to consult with an Irvine Wrongful Death Brain Injury Lawyer.

Statistically speaking, a bicycle injury is more likely to occur compared to being a passenger in an automobile or even on a motorcycle. Many times the accident victim is unable to work due to the injuries incurred. Often, in addition to the pain and suffering due to the collision, the bike is a total loss. Additionally, there may be ongoing medical treatment necessary and then follow up rehabilitation may be required as well.

Irvine bike accident victims should consult with an Irvine Personal injury attorney who has experience in dealing with insurance companies and settlements involving bicycle accidents. In the worst case scenario where there has been a death, your Irvine Wrongful Death Brain Injury Lawyer will help you to file a claim against the responsible party. Be sure to get the best possible bicycle injury lawyer ca you can: one who has experience in dealing with insurance companies, and reaching acceptable settlements. Your Irvine Personal injury attorney will be able to get the settlement you so rightly deserve to pay for the hospital bills, the damaged bicycle, and also to pay for lost wages due to the inability to work due to the injuries suffered in the cycling accident.