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Why You Need an Irvine Car Wreck Attorney

Being in a car accident is scary! If this happens to you, you have certain rights under the law. Talk with an Irvine car wreck attorney to find out how he or she can help you.

There are 10 reasons why you need to hire a car wreck attorney:

(1) You may have only a limited time to sue. Find out how an Irvine car wreck attorney can help you, call today.

(2) Another reason why you need a car wreck attorney is to comply with certain rules in order to sue. Hiring a car wreck attorney who is experienced in handling car accident injuries will help you make an informed decision.

(3) Keep in mind; most insurance companies want to compensate their insurers; however, they also want to keep costs down and reduce their overhead. An Irvine car accident lawyer can guide you through this process.(4) Because an insurance company’s goals are not necessarily yours, you may want to hire a lawyer to insure that you are taken care of properly. Don’t let injuries from an Irvine car accident get you down!

(5) In addition, another reason to hire a car wreck attorney is that you may not understand the underlying issues of your damages. An Irvine car accident lawyer can explain these issue to you.

(6) Besides medical bills, you may also be able to recover for emotional distress, lost wages and pain and suffering.

(7) In addition, your family may also be able to recover for the loss of your companionship in the case of death or extreme lifestyle change. If you are injured in an Irvine car wreck, give us a call!

(8) It is important to note that proving liability may be complex. All the more reason to hire an attorney who understands the law and who can provide a variety of sources that can substantiate your case.

(9) In addition, an attorney is also necessary to help you understand settlement options.

(10) Often, there are restrictions on the kind of questions and phrasing of questions you can ask in court. If you are injured in an Irvine car wreck, talk with one of our lawyers.

To conclude, being in a car accident is unnerving! However, a car wreck attorney can help! Remember, injuries from an Irvine car accident can be handled properly with a competent and professional attorney. Jeff Dawson specializes in just these types of cases. Contact Jeff today at his offices:

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Why You May Need an Irvine Car Wreck Attorney

An Irvine accident attorney understands what’s going to happen based on the cause of the accident. If the accident is caused due to someone else’s negligence and not yours, you need a top Irvine personal injury attorney. You’ll feel confident with the right accident attorney Irvine increasing the odds of getting what is lawfully due.

In an auto accident an Irvine Car Wreck Attorney, specializing in personal injury with successful settlements should be a major consideration during your selection process. You’ll need their experience in preparing the case before entering the courtroom. The accident attorney Irvine is your best defense for what you’re going to face, and no matter what the circumstances are, they should have your interest as a priority at all times.


If you’re injured there are several factors considered for adequate compensation of individual living expenses and medical costs during recovery. As a victim an Irvine accident attorney will defend your rights to sue and collect damages as a result of someone else’s negligent actions. The damage settlements may include lost wages, future earnings, and associated treatments for pain and suffering. If the cause for injury was known and could have been prevented; facts need to prove precautions were not in place, a top Irvine personal injury attorney will take legal action.


Auto accidents have the highest rates of injury occurrence. When an auto accident happens, the innocent party needs to get all of the information pertaining to the collision. Be sure to get the driver’s information and copies of the police report along with any photos. An Irvine accident attorney can help to expedite insurance company payments, allowing the injured party to recover with less stress due to the mounting medical bills. In the case of death, an Irvine Car Wreck Attorney will protect your family members or survivors safeguarding the settlement on behalf of the injured party. Legally, there are statutes of limitations, a top Irvine personal injury attorney will ensure your claim is filed and recorded to protect your rights.