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5 Things Not to Do After an Irvine Auto Accident

Knowing these 5 tips may make a big difference in a good outcome for your Irvine Auto Accident. The first few decisions you make after an accident can affect the potential settlement you are entitled to receive.

If you have been involved in a minor Irvine auto accident, you may think you don’t need to see a Dr. But you couldn’t be more wrong! It is urgent that you receive a proper medical evaluation, even if you think there is nothing wrong. Some injuries don’t present themselves until after a day or two, like Whiplash for instance. Seeking a complete exam will help to rule out any potential serious injuries, and ascertain whether or not you need further treatment. In addition, a medical report may be needed in the future to deal with the insurance company or in the case of any possible lawsuit, Not seeking medical treatment after an Irvine auto accident is a big mistake, don’t make it.

Another big mistake is in not calling the cops. Even if it’s “just a fender bender”, the costs may surprise you. Replacement of a bumper can exceed $2,000 in many cars today. What about the loss of wages from missing work, paying for medical bills, and personal property losses? It is important to have the situation properly documented in a police report. If the other driver involved does not want to call the police, this can be a red flag. Always call 911 after an Irvine car accident.

Handling things directly with the insurance company is another all too common mistake. While it may initially seem like a logical step – they really want to help you get a quick settlement, right? This can be very costly in the end, so don’t go it alone. This is when contacting an Irvine personal injury attorney is advisable. Your Irvine auto accident lawyer has the experience necessary to reach the right settlement on your behalf. the insurance company just wants to settle as quickly, and as cheaply as possible. You may have injuries and expenses which don’t show up right away, which can cause you unexpected pain, suffering and expense.

Don’t admit any guilt to anyone. It is quite common to be in a car wreck, jump out of the car to check on the passengers in the other car, and say something about being at fault for causing the accident. But, were you really? Maybe there were other circumstances, such as unsafe road conditions, or another driver’ actions, there could be any number of things involved. Most people are not able to see all of the circumstances which led up to the Irvine car wreck, particularly immediately after the incident. Just state what your perspective of what happened to the police officer who comes to file the report.

Don’t be too eager to settle quickly. As stated before, a quick settlement may not be in your best interest. Give a brief statement to the police and other insurance company, but then refer all calls to your personal injury attorney. Your Irvine personal injury attorney knows how best to proceed on your behalf. He or she has a whole team to help determine what is best for your care, from medical to rehabilitation to financial. Let the Irvine auto accident experts fight for you, seek counsel right away for the best settlement you can expect.