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Laguna Beach Drunk Driving: Are You the Victim?

A serious and even fatal Laguna car accident often involves drinking and driving. The truth is that it’s a problem which can be easily solved. If a driver doesn’t participate in drinking and driving the accident probably would not have happened in the first place. Even with all of the laws regarding Laguna Beach drunk driving, drivers still get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t. Even though driving while drunk is socially unacceptable, the facts are that the problem is not going away. Sadly and tragically, drunk drivers remain a horrible threat to the safety of society. If you or a loved one are a victim of drunk driving, you need the assistance of a Laguna Beach personal injury attorney.

While drunk driving is dangerous for everyone, even the driver himself, they often do not truly understand this. Everyone knows that getting behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol is a punishable crime. However; many times the drunk driver doesn’t believe they are drunk, maybe just a little “buzzed”. Buzzed driving IS drunk driving.

What should you do if you are a victim of drunk driving? There are several things you may consider:

You can sue the driver who caused your Laguna Beach drunk driving accident injuries. You would more than likely be able to reach a settlement which would cover your medical expenses, any loss of income from not being able to work due to those injuries, and also for the emotional and psychological effects which you have suffered due to the car accident. Any rehabilitation services you require would be included as well. If you were involved in a Laguna car accident with someone who was driving while drunk, you must consult with an experienced car accident attorney. You want someone who specializes in reaching a settlement with insurance companies and getting compensation for the victim of drunk driving.

Your attorney will investigate and prove that the drunk driver was responsible for the Laguna Beach drunk driving car accident which caused your injuries. If you have lost a family member, a wrongful death lawsuit will be filed on your behalf. We all know that receiving financial compensation will not bring your loved one back, but you will not have to suffer financially. In addition, it is important to hold the person who was driving while drunk legally responsible.

Those who drink and drive put the lives of all other drivers and their families at risk. Sadly, this is the season for Laguna Beach drunk driving fatalities. If you or a loved one have been the victim of drunk driving, contact the offices of Jeffrey S.Dawson. He is the best Laguna Beach personal injury lawyer you can find.