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What Not to Do After a Laguna Niguel Car Crash

You probably know what to do after a Laguna Niguel auto accident. It’s pretty well known that you should report the accident to your insurance company, take witness statements, and not admit fault to the other party. However, do you know what not to do? Knowing the don’ts can make a big difference in settling your Laguna Niguel car crash accident. The first reaction you have may not always be the wisest course to follow. Be aware of the following:

One of the first most common mistakes is to not call the police. You may think the Laguna Niguel car accident is only a fender bender, but that doesn’t mean the cost is small. Replacement costs may surprise you, even just a bumper can be thousands of dollars. Your Laguna Niguel auto accident insurance claim will be much easier to prove if there is a police report citing that the accident was not your fault.

Another often ignored aspect of a Laguna Niguel car accident, is keeping track of the costs you have experienced due to the accident. Things such as the cost of medical bills, property which was damaged and lost wages from not being able to work all add up. Keep careful track of all of your expenses so that your Laguna Niguel auto accident lawyer can know all that you have suffered. What about the loss of wages from missing work, paying for medical bills, and personal property losses? There are many things which may have cost you money due to the Laguna Niguel car accident, don’t lose out by not having proper records and documentation of your losses.

The main thing not to do after a Laguna Niguel car crash is to not consult with a Laguna Niguel auto accident lawyer. You may not think you have much of a claim, but you could be very wrong. Is it worth taking the chance? Think you can go it alone and settle with the insurance company? Think again. their job is to settle for pennies on the dollar. Don’t get short changed, your best bet to a fair settlement is to have an experienced Laguna Niguel auto accident lawyer on your side, fighting for the best possible settlement for you. deca durabolin for sale