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Pedestrian Vs Car : Tips if You Are the Victim

You Have Rights if You are the Victim of a Laguna Niguel Pedestrian Injury Accident

The law in the state of California is that pedestrians have the right of way. As intended , the law says that a car must yield to the pedestrian. You certainly wouldn’t know this to be the law if you have ever tried crossing a busy street. Far too frequently, sadly, we hear about a car hitting a pedestrian. Car vs pedestrian accidents often cause serious injuries, and often result in death. If you are the victim you need to know that you have the right to receive compensation for things such as your medical expenses, and loss of wages. If you missed work because of time off from work due to your injuries,you are entitled to those lost wages. If the worst has happened and this was a fatal Laguna Niguel hit and run accident, the surviving family is entitled to a settlement for the loss of their loved one.

What You Should Do if You Were a Victim of a Laguna Niguel Hit and Run

If you are a Laguna Niguel pedestrian hit by car, you may have very serious injuries which may result in long lasting effects on your health and your ability to work. In the case of a Laguna Niguel hit and run, you may assume that you have no recourse, after all, how can you expect to get compensation from the driver or the driver’s insurance if they have run off? But this is not necessarily so. Call the police. You do have rights, and in fact, you should file charges.

How to file Laguna Niguel Hit and Run Charges

If the car which was involved in the the Laguna Niguel pedestrian injury accident has run off, it still is very important to file a police report. This can help to confirm confirm the situation and that you were involved in a personal injury accident at that particular time and location. This will also document your injuries as a Laguna Niguel pedestrian hit by car. The police report will also establish the details of the crash. You may need to receive emergency care and may need to be transported by ambulance. Perhaps you are luckier, and your injuries are not too serious. Even so, you should call the police yourself and have them do a written police report. This will start the process of searching for the Laguna Niguel hit and run driver. Witness statements will be extremely helpful, and more often than not, the driver will be found. Once the driver is caught, contact a Laguna Niguel personal injury lawyer to begin the process of filing a lawsuit.
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