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Top Tips From an Irvine Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are hard to take to court. They often produce serious injuries. Some victims believe there is a bias against them and they are judged harshly because they are not riding in a car. Due to the complexities of motorcycle injury accidents it is important to contact an Irvine personal injury claim lawyer to help you with the legal complexities of the case. An Irvine motorcycle accident attorney can offer good advice to victims.

See a doctor and seek treatment when you are in a motorcycle accident. Many accidents produce head injuries and broken bones. Sometimes, you may be taken to the hospital while unconscious. It is important to stay in the hospital as long as needed. At the scene of the accident, ask for medical help to find out if you have any injuries. This can establish the time of the accident and a link to your injuries.

Continue medical treatment according to your doctor’s instructions. Stay out of work and avoid activities that make the injuries worse when told by the doctor to do so. Before some motorcycle accident cases are settled victims have to complete all medical treatments. Many insurance companies look for ways to deny claims and paying lower claim rates. A motorcycle injury accident needs serious attention to details.

When the accident occurs call the police even if it appears minor. That way you will have a report on the accident. A report may contain information about the other driver’s insurance, how the accident occurred, and other information. Don’t repair your motorcycle because it is evidence of the accident. It can help establish your case in court. Call an Irvine personal injury claim lawyer quickly, after the accident.

When possible take photos of the bike and your injuries during and after the accident. You can ask your medical providers to take photos of the injuries. Talk to any witnesses and ask for phone numbers and contact information. Keep track of medical expenses, time lost from work, and damage to your bike. This will help your Irvine motorcycle accident attorney prove your case.

Don’t discuss your case on social media. This can sometimes compromise the case. Often insurance companies are on the lookout for conflicting information about claims. Victims should talk with a motorcycle wreck attorney about the motorcycle injury accident. They have the legal background to help you with your case. A motorcycle wreck attorney can explain the legalities of your case and help you win. The Law Office of Jeffrey S. Dawson is qualified and experienced in motorcycle cases.

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