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Why a Fast Newport Beach Car Accident Settlement May Not be in Your Best Interest

A Newport car wreck is not something you want to experience. After the initial impact, you are so relieved to know that no one was seriously injured. However, some medical care is necessary, so you deal with that first. Maybe you or another passenger have some ongoing issues, though. Perhaps you will need follow up care or even rehab. In Newport Coast car accidents there is an added element: the price of the car involved in the Newport car wreck. Almost nowhere else is there such a large percentage of very pricey cars roaming the streets and freeways.

The price to replace a car involved in Newport Coast car accidents can be 10 times more than an average car. The insurance company may offer to make a quick settlement, get this all done quickly, just sign here, sir. But is that wise? More than likely, it’s not, for different several reasons. Your totaled car isn’t the only thing to take into consideration. There may be other things involved , such as loss of personal property, which was damaged in the accident, pain and suffering for your injuries, and future medical needs. While a Newport car wreck can be relatively minor, due to the cost of commonly driven cars in the area, repairs can be very costly. Replacement costs can be out of sight.

In addition, ongoing medical issues can add up to thousands of dollars in medical treatment. It is even likely that you may have injuries which have not shown up as of yet. Whiplash, some internal injuries and sprains often don’t show up for a few days or weeks after the initial injury. Newport Beach and Newport Coast car accidents require the expertise of a qualified Newport Beach personal injury attorney to represent you against the insurance company. It is the responsibility of a Newport car accident lawyer to negotiate on your behalf so you can receive the best settlement possible..

Your Newport car accident lawyer will fight for everything you deserve, such as lost wages from being unable to work, medical bills not covered by insurance, and damage to personal property in addition to your car. The loss of personal property is often overlooked in many car wreck settlement lawsuits. Any personal item which was damaged in the Newport car wreck can be listed as part of the settlement. Don’t forget to include any damaged clothing, cell phones, or items you may have been transporting. Make a list of things such as children’s car seats, your laptop computer, or anything which was in the auto at the time of the accident and was damaged. You are entitled to receive compensation for the loss of these things.