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Were You a Victim of a Staged Collision?

Any kind of Newport car accident is upsetting. You may feel concern for yourself, your family and even the other party involved in the collision. If there are injuries, medical care may be needed immediately. Your car may be completely destroyed. What if, however, your accident wasn’t really accidental at all, but in reality was actually a staged collision? According to AAA, thousands of auto accidents in the U.S. each year occur which are set up just so fraudulent insurance claims can be filed. Sometimes an accident is no accident, but how do you know?

Newport car crashes occur everyday and for various reasons, but a cruel and calculating trend is happening by criminals who target and set up situations which result in auto accidents. Many of these may be minor, but as with any type of crash, there may be serious or even fatal injuries involved. The pain and trauma experienced are just as real with an unintended, or “real” accident, as with a staged collision.

Be aware and be cautious no matter what you drive, and where you are. A particular target which these criminals watch out for are solo drivers who are in an expensive luxury automobile. The assumption is that there would be a lot of insurance money which may be available in a settlement. Be very cautious if you were sideswiped, or someone drove quickly in front of you and then stopped, causing you to rear end them. It is possible that you are being set up for an insurance fraud case.

What Should You Do if You Were Involved in an Accident You believe May Have Been Staged?

As with any Newport car accident, proceed with basic common sense. If it is a minor incident, such as a basic fender bender, get your car to the side of the road, out of traffic. Call 911 if the car damage is more serious or if there appear to be serious injuries. Do not become confrontational or accuse the other driver. Calmly exchange personal information, such as name, address, and insurance information. Be sure to get the license plate number of the car involved. Make sure you take pictures of all the vehicles involved. Get witness statements and names and contact info as well. However, be very wary if a “witness” suddenly appears who suggests you go right away to a particular Newport Dr. or Newport personal injury attorney. This may be part of the scam, and they may actually be part of the staged collision team.

If you need help with what you believe my be a staged collision, contact an expert and qualified Newport personal injury attorney, but not one recommended by the others involved in this situation. Get the best advice you can, and you will not be the victim any longer of the intentional Newport auto accident.
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Brain Injuries and Newport Car Crashes: Are You a Victim?

Due to the nature and speed involved in Newport car crashes, brain injuries frequently result. While Newport brain injuries might be minor or traumatic, the laws that speak to liability for the responsible party are very clear. The variance comes with the severity of the claim and the value of compensation. Because Newport personal injury settlement amounts differ widely based on the facts and circumstances of accidents, it’s important to seek the help of a brain injury law firm immediately.

Drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner. When they breach this duty, and that breach is the cause of injury to a victim, drivers are responsible for the personal injuries which occur to victims as a result. Frequently in serious car crashes, the responsible party’s insurance company launches an early investigation. This can result in distorted evidence or possibly even influence a witness’s perception of the accident. A Newport brain injury law firm will protect your interest or your loved one’s interest, and a Newport brain injury law firm will handle the myriad of actions that must be commenced early to protect the injured victim’s rights. It’s vitally important to retain an attorney early so that the attorney can investigate the accident as well.

After car crashes, so many individuals and their family members forget witness names, fail to preserve evidence, and fail to maintain a record of ambulance, hospital, and doctor records. While the evidence of Newport brain injuries might not be readily apparent after an accident, the effects can be significant and reveal themselves weeks, months, or years after an accident.

Victims are entitled to compensation for lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment, and pain and suffering. Waiting to contact a Newport personal injury law firm and file a claim might result in lost evidence and diminish the value of your case. ersonal injury settlement amounts are affected by time. Therefore, if you or a loved one suffered an injury to the brain after a car accident, immediately contact an attorney specializing in personal injury law.

Newport Car Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Newport car accidents happen all too often, and one of the unfortunate results is a traumatic brain injury. Newport car crashes often involve expensive sports cars, driven too fast with sometimes disastrous outcomes for those involved. An accident like this can have a lifelong effect on the victim, and their whole family as well. Violent automotive accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries – known as TBIs. These injuries often leave the victim with permanent disabilities and exorbitant medical bills and rehabilitation costs.

Motor vehicle accidents account for over 17% of TBIs annually in the United States. The effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries are not always completely understood initially. While advances in medical care have helped minimize brain damage and increased overall survivability, the long term damage is not always easy to detect. Brain injuries include a wide range of lasting damage: things such as actually changing the way a person perceives things, to how they may react, and how they deal emotionally with life. Organically speaking, the brain does not heal in the same manner as other organs, so the lasting effects of a such injuries are often permanent and require ongoing medical support.

A Newport car crashes could leave the victim with a traumatic brain injury which could require lifetime housing assistance or respite care.. In addition, there may need to be extensive physical therapy, medications and behavioral assessments. Even less severe Newport car accidents which involve a TBI often require counseling which may include assorted behavioral assessments.

Concussions are mild brain trauma incidents, and can also affect numerous physical and even emotional responses. Left unchecked and under diagnosed even a mild brain injury can have serious results: depression, mood swings, illogical thinking and even thoughts of suicide. Many Newport TBI victims experience difficulty concentrating and report memory loss. This is why it is so important to seek immediate medical treatment and assessment for any head injury which may have been suffered in a Newport car crash.

It is extremely important to get proper medical care for any type of head injuries. If you were involved in a Newport car accident immediately seek appropriate medical attention. After receiving proper medical attention and recommendations you may want to consult with a Newport car accident lawyer who can advise you of your rights and the possibility of filing a traumatic brain injury lawsuit. Jeff Dawson is an experienced and caring Newport car accident lawyer who can assist you with your case. Contact the Irvine law offices of Jeffrey Dawson today.