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Orange County Truck Accidents

Orange County truck accidents occur all too frequently. These truck accidents often involve serious injuries or, sadly, death. Oftentimes, when a passenger vehicle is involved, the occupants of the car can experience major injuries, while the truck driver escapes unscathed.

While there can be many different causes of trucking accidents, there are some patterns which are worth noting. Most common causes of truck wrecks may include things such as negligence, poorly maintained equipment, or road conditions. While weather in Orange County is not often associated with a cause for truck wrecks, other common factors are among the following:

Limited visibility is often a problem, as trucks have severe blind spots in multiple locations around the vehicle. Fatigued driving is also a significant problem. While there are laws on the books regarding how many hours they can be behind the wheel,these laws are often ignored. Fatigued driving can mean lost of concentration, and falling asleep while driving, which may result in serious truck wrecks.

Overloaded trailers, or ones that have been improperly loaded can be especially dangerous on the road, causing a big rig to tip over while trying to execute a turn, such as on a freeway off ramp, a far too common thing in Orange County truck accidents. Improper maintenance can have an influence on the truck driver’s ability to react. Faulty brakes or defective tires can make handling the truck difficult.

No matter what has caused so many Orange County truck accidents, you may need to speak with a big rig accident attorney to discuss your legal options if you have injuries from truck wrecks. If you were involved in an accident caused by fatigued driving or any of a number of other things involving a big rig, you need the help of a truck attorney. It’s very likely that you may have the burden of expensive medical care which resulted in large medical bills, and the loss of income due to the inability to work. In order to receive a fair settlement you will need competent legal advice from a big rig accident attorney.