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How Long Does the Average Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

When you’ve been injured in an accident either through negligence or intent, you may be tempted to settle your personal injury lawsuit quickly to avoid lengthy court proceedings. However, if you settle out of court, you will most likely not receive the amount of money you deserve for your injuries.

A Short Settlement May Equal Less Money

There are a lot of accident victims in Newport, California who settle their cases out of court without the advice or legal representation of a personal injury lawyer in Newport CA. If you decide to go for a short settlement, you might receive 35% of what you could at trial. In some cases, insurance companies will offer as little a 5-10 % or even less. Personal injury cases can be long and complicated, and many Newport residents are tempted to take a quick settlement without hiring a personal injury lawyer in Newport CA. Quick settlements, without an attorney to look after your best interest, often lead to receiving pennies on the dollar for your injuries. Even if you do decide to settle out of court, an attorney can get you the best settlement possible.

Simply put, the average case can take 2-3 years to settle. There are many factors which influence why personal injury cases can take a long time to settle. A few of these factors include:

* The amount of money involved
* Legal or factual problems with the case
* If you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) from your injuries.

You can be sure that the insurance company is going to try and pay you as little as possible. If your personal injury lawsuit involves any of the above, then you have to understand that your case is going to take some time to resolve.

Waiting for a trial or a fair settlement through negotiations can be especially frustrating if you’re out of work and the bills are piling up. However, negotiating a settlement without an attorney is not a good idea. A good personal injury lawyer can also provide you with emotional support and point you in the right direction for other types of assistance to help pay bills and rent until your case settles.

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Personal Injury Law: What is it and How Does it Affect You?

There are all types of incidents and situations in life that happen which may end up with you needing to know about personal injury law. Knowing some of the terms and situations you may face can help in the case of an accident or an injury to you or a loved one. Apart from actual legal advice, knowing some of the general legal concepts can be quite beneficial.

What is a Personal Injury?
A Personal Injury occurs when someone suffers some type of harm or damage from an accident or situation which was caused by another, intentional or not. The injuries can be found to be the legal responsibility of the person who caused the accident or who was negligent.

How Do Personal Injury Cases Get Handled?
Disputes can range from a simple settlement with the other party’s insurance company to a formal proceeding through civil court. It is common to have a personal injury lawsuit resolved through an informal settlement before a lawsuit is actually filed with the court. It is advisable to have the advice and counsel of a personal injury attorney to help you.

Why Would I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?
If you or a loved one have been injured where you assert that someone – which can be a person, business,corporation or governmental agency- you may need to file a complaint. This is also known as filing a lawsuit, which is best handled for you by a personal injury attorney.

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?
Any personal injury case requires a certain level of understanding of the facts in the case in addition to the process, and the law. It will be in your best interest to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to see if you have a lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer has the training and experience to be able to guide you through the very complex and sometimes frightening maze that makes up the personal injury lawsuit process. He or she will advise you, negotiate on your behalf and fight for your best interests.

Do I Have a Viable Personal Injury Case?
Your personal injury attorney will go over all of the details of your case, from interviewing you about your side of things, to reviewing any police or accident reports. Your case might require some special investigating, research or consultations with other professionals. After the initial consultation, your PI lawyer will be able to plan the best course for your particular case.