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Newport Slip and Fall Injury Accident: What You Need to Know

A Newport slip and fall injury accident pretty much needs no explanation; it is simply defined as any time when an individual receives slip and trip injuries or outright falls and obtains an injury, Severity of the injuries may vary. The issue becomes much more complicated when one is attempting to find out what makes a slip and fall accident a personal injury case. The main problem is that there is no one specific way to determine the answer to this question. The reason for this is that it can be very hard to show that the owner of the property where the accident occurred was liable for the accident and subsequent injuries. However; there are some general guidelines which will help immensely in clearing things up.

First off, the property owner must have acted in a careless manner in regards to his or her property. For example: was there something which should have been fixed and was not, like a broken step or cracked sidewalk? If not, did this condition cause the slip and trip or fall related injury accident? Secondly, the person who experienced the accident must be able to show that they acted in a careful and honest manner (ie. whether or not they even fell to begin with or are merely manufacturing the story for personal and financial gain).

To be legally responsible for slip and trip injuries due to a fall related occurrence the owner must have done several things. Firstly, they must have caused the source of the fall, whether it was due to a liquid which caused slippery floors or carelessness in item placement (such as leaving small things like pencils lying about which can easily cause a serious fall). Secondly, they must have done nothing to mitigate harm once the source of the fall had been caused and identified (such as spilling soapy water on a slick floor and then just neglecting it). And lastly, they should have known about the source and potential situation and then done something about it. If one of these things can be proved and you have suffered a fall then you should contact a Newport personal injury attorney immediately.

This last inclusion is the most common one which a Newport personal injury attorney will pursue in a lawsuit but it is also one of the hardest to prove due to those tricky words, “Should have known.” When, why and how they should have known are very difficult things to show and demonstrate. Contact the law offices of Jeffrey Dawson today for a free consultation. Our experienced team can access your situation and help you to determin the proper course of action for your slip and fall injury case.
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Why You Need a Premises Liability Attorney

If you were injured while on someone else’s property you may need to learn a thing or two about premises liability law. Some of the most frequently filed types of premises liability lawsuits involve slip and fall personal injury cases. Many slip and fall accidents are caused by substances or foods being spilled on the floor of a store or restaurant. Things like water, or basically any liquid, food, or ice are very commonly found in restaurants or grocery stores and are a slip and fall hazard. These substances can make the floor slippery or sticky, thus causing an accident. Other slips and falls may be caused by uneven surfaces, things like a hole in the floor or defective or poorly maintained floors and stairs.
Premises liability law cases aren’t limited to just slip and fall incidents.They may also include improper lighting. Also included might be things such as inadequate security, and unsafe building design or construction. If something falls on you, such as an item off a shelf in a store, you may have suffered injuries in which you may have a premises liability lawsuit. The owner or the occupier of the property where you were injured may be held liable for those injuries.
A slip and fall can happen anywhere and anyplace, most often when you least expect it. Among the most common places for a trip and fall accident to occur is in restaurants,grocery stores, driveways, department stores, sidewalks, banks and even hospitals. Slip and fall claims also can result from an owner or occupier who has failed to take proper steps to shovel the snow, or adequately clean up something spilled on the floor, or who has unsafely placed items on a shelf. It is a responsibility of a business to have good procedures for preventing slips trips and falls in their establishment.
Property owners owe anyone who is legally on the property a duty of due care. The law says that it is reasonable to expect that the premises are maintained reasonably and in a safe manner. If injuries are caused by the negligence of a person or entity, such as a business, or governmental agency, the injured person has the right to seek and collect for their damages.
It is advisable that if you have been injured while on someone else’s property you should seek out proper legal help. An advantage of hiring a personal injury attorney is that he or she will be there to guide you through the complicated maze of Drs. and treatment and recovering for your losses. Hiring an attorney does mean that there is an additional expense out of the settlement proceeds. However; statistics clearly show that personal injury lawyers generally settle cases for a larger amount than in cases where someone just settles themselves with the insurance company involved. Don’t risk not getting everything you are entitled to, contact a qualified premises liability lawyer immediately after your slip and fall injury accident.