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What to do After a Santa Ana Truck Accident

Being prepared ahead of time and knowing what to do after Tustin big truck wrecks, or a Santa Ana Truck Accident is important to any possible compensation, should you end up in court. Santa Ana big truck accidents can prove to be very serious and damaging. Oftentimes, emergency medical help may be required. If it is at all possible and you are physically able, make notes and take pictures for documentation purposes. These notes and photos should include the condition of the road, any abnormalities of the conditions, such as rain, or unusual circumstances. This will be important to help make your case, and can be helpful information for your truck accident attorney. Take the information of any witnesses who might have seen the accident, name address and phone number. If they will tell you what they saw, write it down. Also, be sure to get the tag number of the driver involved in the accident, as well as the driver’s license number. Ask for a copy of the police report.

Just getting the basic facts and allowing an insurance adjuster to settle your case in a Santa Ana big truck accident may be your thinking, especially if you do not consider the damages to be terribly serious. However, accidents have problems that might extend beyond just the present moment. Therefore, it is very important to obtain a medical evaluation and ensure that you preserve information for an attorney. If an injury from an Anaheim truck crash is disabling, it can be especially difficult to pay for hospitalization and to hold on to a job. Employers can move on quickly when an employee cannot meet their obligations. In the mean time, mortgages, car payments, taxes and food costs keep coming. If you can’t provide for yourself, what happens?

Another factor to consider in Anaheim big truck wrecks, is the trucking company itself. You will also more than likely be going up against them as well as the driver. Be sure that you get the name and insurance company of the trucking company. After Tustin big truck wrecks, be certain to get registration information of the trucking facility and any valid registrations. Get a police report before moving out of traffic. This will be particularly important in relation to fault. Before moving any of the vehicles involved, take pictures of the accident. Cameras can document time and will show the position of the truck crash vehicles after the accident.

California law requires everyone to have insurance. The truck’s insurance company will try to place things in their favor, so it is necessary to get your attorney all of your information immediately. This information will be extremely important to a case or to an insurance settlement claim. Tustin big truck accidents happen for different reasons: too much speed, mechanical problems and human error. These accidents can be severe, and cause lifelong injuries. For you to get the settlement you deserve in a Santa Ana Truck accident, or a Tustin big truck wreck, a competent lawyer is required. Don’t go it alone.